Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome Daily Tay Readers!

Welcome everyone who is coming over from The Daily Tay! I'm so happy to have you!

If you're here for more than a guacamole recipe, even better! 

First thing to know about me is that I'm married to Mr. LoLo. He's not only a fabulous husband, but he's also a pretty awesome roommate.  Together, we love to have crazy adventures and lots of laughs. You may have heard about the time he changed the channel on the tv I was watching in Maine while he was in NYC. I also have a series called "According to LoLo" (this one and this one are my favorites) that you'll enjoy if you enjoy people who speak English as a second language and are creative with how they speak English.

We also have the cutest little puppy ever, Bronx. And yes, you guessed it. He's named after the Bronx, New York.

After college, I lived in New York City for about 6 years before I decided it was time to come home to Maine. LoLo and I bought a house on the same day I found out I would be losing my job.

At the beginning of my blog, I talked a lot about my "funemployment" but shortly after I began writing, I found a dream job.

My sister, Emily, writes a blog too. In fact she inspired me to write mine. Just a few weeks ago, I surprised her by announcing on my blog that I was on a plane to Chicago to see her for her birthday.

Most of the times, I like to keep it pretty fun and light over here, but sometimes, I can't hold back and I have to write about things I think are important like Immigration Reform, the word "Ghetto", and Cinco de Mayo.

And now is the part of the post when I shamelessly use my puppy to beg you to stick around.

Come on. He's crying. How can you say no to that little face??

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bonbon said...

Just found you from Tayler's blog. You're adorable and so is your puppy! I'm exciting to follow along with your adventures!

new follower :)