Friday, July 6, 2012

According to LoLo...playing the lotto

Remember a few months ago when people went crazy over the Powerball? Mister LoLo was definitely one of those people. He said to me, "Erin, I know this is against your beliefs to play the lotto, but we have to play."

He's right. Playing the lotto is crazy to me. Yes, sometimes people win. Sometimes they win a lot. But have you noticed that many of the winners are already relatively wealthy?

If you don't mind, let me make another reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and my not so favorite character, Veruca Salt. (So many valuable lessons in that movie! Not to mention candy ideas...I'm still wondering why the REAL everlasting gobstopper has not been perfected. It could be the solution to my weight problems! I digress...) Veruca won because her rich father bought up thousands of boxes of chocolate so that she his somehow all female workforce could find the golden ticket. The lotto feels the same to me.

But despite our not-so-rich status, LoLo begged me to forget my principles buy a ticket. I gave in. I bought one ticket.

We got excited. We dreamed about what we would buy. LoLo even made this list (keep in mind English is his second language and sometimes his spelling is a little off...but cute nonetheless):

#11 is "Keep a safe of pocket change LOL". And by pocket change, he means hundos.
A second honeymoon! His US citizenship! My dream car!

We lost. (Obvi). But I asked to keep this list because it says so much about my husband. There is not one item here dedicated to video games. But there's a condo or house in Florida for my parents to go and spend the winter there for Red Sox Spring Training. There's money for his mother. There's money for cancer research in honor of the battle his sister recently won against Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  He didn't ask for a dream house. He asked to fix and add to the house we already have because we bought this house together and have turned it into a home. He even thought of letting me go back to school to get my PhD!

But #15 is one of the biggest reasons I love LoLo. He is who he is. Millionaire or not. He's authentic. He's a cute, nerdy, Dominican boy with a great sense of humor and he will never try to be anything else. And I wouldn't want him to be...Even if he were rich.


Sandra said...

That is such a sweet list! It was fun to dream a bit wasn't it? We definitely bought tickets too.

P Dids said...

I'm gonna kiss Mr. LoLo the next time I see him!

Oh hello, Love said...

Oh my god... P Dids. Awesome.

And should I be offended that the condo in Florida was originally intended for "family" but was crossed out and changed to "parents"??? Was it something Adrian did?? Because I know it wasn't me.

Lacey in the City said...

This is so sweet! I love that he made this list and that you kept it. Did you make a list?

Karla said...

Seriously holding back tears, this husband of yours has a huge heart and truly loves you! Most of his hopes and dreams include you!!
I love the last one where he never wants to change!! This is too sweet you should frame this or something .. lol

Katie Price said...

So sweet Erin! The other night my husband turned to me & said, "You should go back for your PhD someday.. then we could be the Dr's Price instead of Dr. and Mrs." Who knows?!