Glossary of Erinisms

Please refer to this glossary to define any unfamiliar terms. Erinisms, while funny, are often unknown in common society. Subject to change at any time. Please check back.

LoLo - Husband of Erin. Also known as Danilo, Danny, Mr. LoLo, Mister, Dani-lolo, Viejo, Viejo Puro, and Mr. Dani-lolo Show.

P. Diddy - Father of Erin. Also known as Paul, Paulina, Princess Paulina, Polly Pocket, and Pauly Esther.

Lyd - Mother of Erin. Also known as Lydiebell, Lydie Pom Pom Bell, Lyd the Squid, Mama, Piddy, Squiddy.

Bronx - Puppy baby of Erin. Also known as Bronxy, Peanut, Peanut Man, Mr. Peanut, Bronxy Man, Little Man, and Little Peanut. Best cuddler ever. 

FSN - To some this might be Fox Sports Net, but to me this is Funny SideNote.

Alfred Dunner - Designer of horrendous plus sized clothing that old women seem to love and young plus sized women seem to despise.

Funemployment - The 6 months that I was unemployed, but had many adventures.

Ma-GEE-Vair - McGyver in Spanish. If you don't know McGyver, time to do some googling. And perhaps some Netflixing. And yes, those are both verbs. This is my glossary.

Cave Man - LoLo's way of saying "Man cave" aka our basement.


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