Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Evolution of Bronx

The other day, my buddy Tiffany from The Coffeehouse posted pictures of her puppy, Sherman, as he's grown up. I loved the idea and it seemed very timely since Bronx was born exactly one year and one week ago (shhhh I know it would have been better last week!). So here's my post for today: The Evolution of Bronx.

When LoLo finally agreed to get me a puppy, I had done lots and lots of research already. I wasn't 100% sure what breed I wanted, but I knew I wanted a little dog. I didn't want one that was too yappy. But then I looked online and saw Bronxy's little face, I knew he was the one.

When I went to meet him, I knew I was right. His siblings were all yapping and jumping and going wild. Bronx was asleep in the back of the little play area while a couple of his siblings jumped and rolled right over him.

Bronx's first night with us. Look how small he was compared to my feet!
I was absolutely in love as soon as we got him home. How could you not be with that tiny little face??

Everyone comments on his name. We named him Bronx because we moved from the Bronx back to Maine and wanted to keep a little reminder of our life there. Turns out he's pretty tough.

This little man stole my heart.

Yes, I do put my puppy in clothes. He gets cold, ok?!

Pirate Puppy! Arrrrrrrgh!!         
Bronx and his "Aunt" Harriet (my parents' dog)
He's such a little man!! Ignore the Bill Cosby pillows. They came with the couch.
 And for those of you wondering how the little man is doing as a cone head, well, he's doing pretty well. He's learned how to move with the cone on. On Monday morning, Bronx decided it would be a good idea to wake up around 5 am and test out walking in the cone...which would have been fine had he not crashed into walls and made tons of noise, waking me up and waking LoLo up 2 minutes before his alarm.

So Tuesday night, I made sure that wouldn't be happening again. I give you, "Puppy Barricaded".

No escaping this little set-up!
One more week and this puppy will be cone-free! I can't wait to get my little peanut back and let him sleep in his crate again. He seriously loves it in there and I feel horrible not letting him sleep there. But when you have a big cone head, you can't fit in your crate.

Take that as a lesson, Bronx. Cone heads have no fun.


k8te said...

bronx is too cute in his cone of shame, poor guy! we just got a puppy too, and are experiencing some puppy growing pains (chewing/nipping)!

k8te said...

i didn't really mean "too" since your pup is a a year old, just ignore's still early - brain isn't fully working yet ;)

Sandra said...

I WANT A PUPPY!! Maybe one day:) What breed is bronx?

The Management said...

Pirate puppy! ADORABLE.

Love the meaning behind the name as well.

undomestic mama said...

Awwww....he's still so little. I put mine in clothes too, people are always making comments about it.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

awww baby Bronx. don't tell sherman this, but you might be even CUTER as a baby (I didn't know that was even possible).

and buddy?! this just made my freaking day.

Happy Friday, Erin! You are the best!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

He's such a cutie! We have a boy dog that gets dressed in clothing too :) I mean, c'mon, he gets cold!