Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Best Roommate I Ever Had

The other day at work, someone asked me if I lived with roommates. My answer came out totally naturally, "Yes, I do! My husband. He's actually the best roommate."

Although you may think I am biased, I can name many reasons why you would be really lucky to have Mr. LoLo as your roommate. Ask his brothers and sister (although I'd like to think I trained him even further after he moved out of his mom's house...and by trained I mean I was so lazy that he ended up doing certain chores and tasks out of necessity).

My husband cooks. He makes amazing Dominican food including rice and beans, Dominican chicken and pork chops, as well as homemade salad dressing, homemade chicken soup, cheeseburgers, steak, and many other dishes. Sometimes I get home from a long day at work and he's already here cooking dinner. Oh and he's also a really good bartender.

I'll have another!
Last Sunday I was feeling guilty because I wanted to go to the gym, but we had a lot of cleaning to do around the house. LoLo said to me, "Go to the gym! I'll clean the kitchen." I almost pinched myself to make sure it was real.

 My husband is also extremely handy and can do anything around the house, including fixing the door after I locked myself out of the house and body slammed the door to get back in. Oops.

Fixing our sink in the Bronx

Fixing up the lawn here in Maine

In addition to all of the things my husband does around the house, he also happens to be super sweet. He loves doing things to make me happy. You may remember the gift bag he put together when I finally got a job (no? click here). Then there was the time he took me on a picnic in the Bronx where he spread a tablecloth on the grass and bought me my favorite deli sandwich and an Arizona iced tea. He even played catch with me.

Oh and did I mention that for the past year, my husband has been working 60 hours per week in a really physically demanding job?

I am so lucky to have LoLo. Not only as a roommate, but as my best friend, my partner (not in crime, unless you count being this cute as a crime...haha sorry), my calm, my laughter. He works so hard, but no matter how hard he works, he takes care of me.

LoLo, my dad, and my cousin Brendan (thanks Aunt Marta for the pic!)

He's also not afraid to dress up like an elf on Christmas morning to go with my dad/Santa and my cousin Brendan/the Grinch to pick up my sister at the airport. How many husbands would do that? (Thank God he doesn't check my blog very often, he would kill me for putting this pic up!)


Karla said...

Dang and I thought I had it good! My hubby helps me cook and from time to time will even pack my lunch * giggle*
But you got yourself a winner.. not only does he work hard and fix things around the house.. he also helps you with cooking and cleaning? You should make sure he is not wearing the superman outfit under his clothes lol

Anonymous said...

Adorable!! I love this!!! Definitely a winner!