Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Perhaps I led you on...

...with the title of this blog. I know it's all deep and stuff, but really, I'm just an unemployed "housewife" who hates to cook, hates to clean, and really just wants to work. I never thought I'd find myself here. Growing up, I had lots of dreams, lots of goals. I was going to be the first girl in the NBA or MLB, I was going to be a lawyer and represent Latino athletes, I was going to be a diplomat, I was going to be a business woman...but I was never going to be unemployed. I went to 6.5 years of college because that's how you stay employed, that's how you make more money, that's how you become successful.

Yet here I am, blogging because I've tried so many things to shake off the boredom and nothing has worked. If you had asked me even a year ago if I thought I'd be unemployed, I would have told you there is no way. I have a Masters degree, I speak English and Spanish, and I have 6 years of experience in the field of education. There's no way I should be unemployed, right? That's what I thought 6 months ago, but here I am.

Instead of lingering on the impossibility of my current situation, I've been trying to take advantage of this "free" time (turns out free time is really expensive when you don't have a job). I've trained Bronx (and spent many hours cuddling and playing), I've cooked a few meals that I'm really proud of for my husband, I've traveled to New York to help my sister-in-law with her beautiful 2 month old twin girls, I've sat in on my sister's ESL class in Chicago, I've helped take care of my parents' puppy, Harriet, I've worked along side my dad in his office (aka ham radio hoarder's paradise, sorry Paul), I've spent time with my grandparents, I've walked next to the ocean for miles. And now, I've started this blog at the suggestion of my sister.

So welcome to Empirically Erin. Through the craziness and the funemployment, I can't wait to share my experiences with you!

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