Sunday, February 16, 2014

The little red overalls

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted a picture of some little red overalls on my Facebook page and told the story of those little red overalls here on my blog.

Today, my little girl wore those overalls. It was so hard to believe that a year ago, I couldn't even imagine who would be wearing those overalls and today, I can't imagine life without her.

Sitting in her mama's old high chair
"Come on Mama, quit playing and give me my pears!"

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Becoming Human

This morning as I watched my baby girl play with her little ladybug toy, I couldn't help but notice how much she has changed since she was born. On Monday, she will be 6 months old. The time has just flown, but when I think back to August, it seems like it was such a long time ago. It seems like that was a different baby I held back then while I struggled to feed her and functioned off of several 3 hour chunks of sleep a day.

She wasn't really Alexia yet. And she probably isn't really Alexia now.

But watching her this morning, I realized that every day, I am watching her become human. Her little personality is forming. Her excitement is obvious now. We can tell when she likes something (oatmeal is very high on that list) and we can tell when she really doesn't (carrots are very high on that one).
So serious...
She's this tiny little person discovering the world and I get to watch. I get to experience the pride she feels when she realizes that her little feet hitting those keys on her piano are what is causing the sound. I get to watch while she stares at herself in her tiny little mirror and smiles at the cute baby she sees.

And someday, I'll be the one she calls Mama and the one she says I love you to and of course the one she fights with and the one she's embarrassed by.

As Alexia gets bigger and stronger and becomes her own little person, I am watching in awe. She's reaching for what she wants. She's starting to really be able to roll around and move. Tonight for the first time, LoLo and I saw Alexia get upset when we took something away from her.

Last week I was talking to my friends at work about how time is such a crazy concept. As an adult, a week seems like such an insignificant amount of time but for a baby, it can mean the difference between having to be propped up and being able to sit up by yourself.

I'm learning to slow down a little bit and take life one week at a time. As Alexia grows more and more, I just want to take my time to experience all of the little changes that are happening before those changes pass me by.

I thought pregnancy was an amazing thing because of the little life growing inside me, but honestly, I'm more in awe of the little life growing outside of me.