Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My New York Story...part 1.

As many of you know, I lived in New York City for about 6 years. As soon as I graduated from college, I moved to the city for a job. Throughout college, I had visited the city as a part of my internship with the admissions office, recruiting students from high schools there. I loved my visits to the city and couldn't wait to move there.

My first apartment in New York. 2nd floor, left building, those were our windows! via
The first weekend in July 2004, I flew to the city with just one suitcase that had some sheets, a towel, and a few outfits. My dad drove to the city a few days later to drop off the rest (literally, he dropped my stuff and left the city in 2 hours after a 6 hour drive to get there).

I remember that first summer in New York like it was yesterday. My first night, I went out with my roommate and her friends. She worked in an art gallery and was friends with people who had more money than I could ever imagine. We went to a bar where they bought bottles (and bottles) of wine and packs of cigarettes came to the table on little trays (this was before the smoking ban!). I remember thinking that wasn't the New York I knew and moved for.

The New York I moved for was the gritty, tough, exciting, up all night, live on almost no money, but live-like-you've-never-lived-before New York. The New York where you stood in line for an hour to get into Copacabana to see Angie Martinez announce the latest Latino act to perform. The New York where you had to knock on the window of the bodega past a certain hour and tell them what you wanted for a snack (or if they liked you, they would unlock the door and let you come find your snack on your own). That was the New York I moved for.

My bedroom only fit my bed, a desk, and a bookshelf. I had a dresser in the bathroom and clothes under my bed. I spent one full paycheck per month on rent. But I had a space where my friends could come over and hang out. A space where my friend Eric would ring the bell and have lunch with me when he worked in my neighborhood.

My friends and I stayed out all night, dancing and laughing and having crazy adventures. I even remember one night/morning when I was coming home and the paper boy was dropping newspapers off on doorsteps in my building.

Those were the nights of my New York Story.


TheTinyHeart said...

I lived in the city from 2006-2010 to go grad school (and eventually work) and I absolutely loved it! I still love going back and visiting often although it's not exactly the same as living there.

The Tiny Heart
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Lacey in the City said...

Write more about your NY time!! Keep it coming, you're making my heart happy!!! Gosh I miss it.

k8te said...

i love this. i have friends who live in brooklyn and whenever we visit them we always wish we could stay longer. new york is such a magic city!

Sarah with a Bow said...

That sounds like an incredible adventure. I can't wait to start exploring cities by living in them--you're making me want to do it now.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Your NY story is way better than mine. I've been to Kennedy Airport for about four hours of my entire life, on the way to and from Spain. At least in 1995, the airport was very clean. That is all.

I did spend some time in Manhattan this summer. Manhattan, Kansas, that is.

Talitha Azarov said...

Wow such a great experience! You were very brave. I can't imagine having to move away from my comfort zone- away from family!
Ty Azarov
Ty Azarov
(Closet Name: Ty Az)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I only lived in NYC for one year, but I've never felt more "at home" than when I lived there. I've wanted to write about my NYC life for awhile, purely for the fact of having it on paper and displaying my photos. This post gave me that motivation to finally do it!

Renee Arianna said...

You are a good writer, my dear! I felt like I could picture New York while reading it.