Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Might Be Surprised to Know...

Sandra from The Beat of My Heart tagged me today to write a post about things you might be surprised to know about me. Sandra is a really sweet Texas girl I've gotten to know through her blog. Go check her out!

So now for the reason you all came to this post in the first place...

You might be surprised to know...(or you might not be so surprised since many of you know me really well and/or are my family!)

1.) I am an introvert/homebody despite the fact that I was crowned "most talkative" in high school. (Shout out to my friend Chris who won it for the boys in our class...funny that we live on the same street as adults and are such good friends!)

2.)  One of my cousins from Mexico is the star of the movie El Mariachi.

Cousin Carlos... via
3.) I turned down my husband for dates several times and he almost gave up on me.

One of our first dates where he took me to the sculpture park
4.) My extended family is like the United Nations. We have lots of different ethnicities: Mexican, Italian, Dominican, French, Spanish, Scottish, Colombian, Filipino, Irish, and many others I'm not thinking of right now. Just in the picture below of my immediate family (minus my brother in law who is Mexican), we have Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish, Scottish, Colombian, and Dominican.

My parents, my sister, LoLo, my brother, and me
5.) I hate being the new person in a job. I think I'm finally turning the corner at my job now that I'm not so new. Finally!!

6.) I was the 12th member of my family to attend the University of Vermont. My grandparents met there, my parents met there...me and LoLo didn't meet there, but I worked for the University when we met!
7.) I've only been to 3 countries besides the US: Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Canada.

8.) My parents chose my name because it was short to go with my long last name.

And I think that might be all for now. So thank you for tagging me, Sandra! This was fun!

Now I am tagging:

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Sandra said...

That's very cool about your cousin! My boyfriend's cousin has also been in a few movies.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

good for your parents. I work with so many students who have loooong short AND last names ... it's a mouthful. tag you're it. oh wait, you tagged me. I do love your name though!