Monday, June 11, 2012

What has made me laugh this week

Over the past week, I have had some very good laughs and thought I should share the wealth with you. Although this post will be random, all the stories will have one thing in common: they will make you laugh!

1.) One night last week, right before I went to sleep, I was planning what I was going to wear to work the next day. I like to talk it out with LoLo because he is very good about giving me suggestions. I was planning to wear a black and white striped dress so I said to LoLo, "I really just need a red belt for this outfit." So LoLo said, "So get into Kung Fu!"
This would have been perfect for my outfit. via
2.) The next night, when I was actually wearing that outfit, LoLo and I went to a local pizza place for a sandwich. Sitting next to us was a table of about 12-14 women who were at least 2 rounds in already. They were discussing the 50 Shades of Grey books. Do the math: 14 women + 2 rounds of drinks + sexually explicit books = loud storytelling with no filter. (For some reason, I seem to be a magnet for these types of discussions!) I was just sitting there with my jaw dropped, not believing the craziness I was hearing. I said to LoLo, "Ummmm are you hearing this? I can't believe they are having this conversation right now!" To which he answered, "Erin, my ears automatically block girl talk, sorry." Oh LoLo, at least you are honest.

And finally.... Number 3, the best story of all. Today, my friend wrote this on facebook: "Ummmm. A man just fell through the ceiling and onto my co-worker's desk. Everyone is fine but WTH?????" Turns out the guy was working in the attic of her office building and was crawling around and fell through the ceiling onto her co-worker's desk. He then got off the desk and walked away like nothing happened. Every time I think of this I giggle to myself. So so funny.
You may remember a similar story, Jackass style. If not, watch the video below.

And this just in from CNN: 

BREAKING NEWS: After a fourth inquest, a coroner says that an infant's 1980 disappearance in Australia was caused by a dingo.

The Dingo DID steal your baby!!!

I hope you got a good laugh like I did. What have you laughed about this week?

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

baha. I so wish a guy would fall through our ceiling at work (and not get hurt of course) ... sometimes work is so boring. that would make it so fun.