Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yard Work: The Sequel

So remember a few months ago when I confessed that LoLo and I were those neighbors who were a little bit lazy slow about cleaning up the lawn? Well, we honestly haven't gotten any better about it. Check out the evidence below.

Do not adjust your screen, that grass is up to LoLo's shins.         
One change of clothes later...and he's done.    
The final product
LoLo mowed about half the lawn, I did the other half. He weed whacked the flowerbeds and the little areas we couldn't get to with the mower. I hand weeded the flower beds. I washed and scrubbed the porch and stairs. He swept the patio. Bronx watched. Very attentively, I might add.

Today, I can barely move.

When I get rich, I am hiring landscapers. And housekeepers. And cooks.

I better start getting rich.


Oh hello, Love said...

I don't know why you didn't hire that lawn boy that Aunt Marta uses! I hear he does fantastic work and barely charges anything.

Sara Louise said...

It looks so nice!
I just moved into a new house a few weeks ago and the garden is like a jungle!! I sent my husband into it with a weed whacker. It took him all day to get through it! Now I have to go out there and pull weeds but I've been procrastinating something fierce. I need landscapers too :)