Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Our generation is extremely selfish. We think we are the best. We think we deserve everything. We think we should have what we want when we want it.

In many ways, this is a great thing. We work hard because we want to prove we are the best. We want every award. We do what we have to do to get what we want.

But as you might suspect I would say, it can also be a hurtful and harmful quality. When we only think about ourselves, we forget about the responsibility we have to others. Take for example close relationships. When we think only of ourselves in any close relationship, the other person gets the message that they are not as good, not as worthy, and that their interests and needs are not important.

As I've talked about before, my husband has a million and one hobbies. In one of my last posts, I revealed that I finally found my hobby, blogging. My hobby is free. My husband's hobbies? Not so free.

This weekend, I had to go downstairs to the cave man (check the glossary of Erinisms if you're confused right now) to get some of my laundry. While I was down there, I happened to look at the entertainment center. As any cave man should have, there is a huge television complete with a Playstation. But something was different. I looked and there was a set of "night vision goggles" that go with the Call of Duty game. My husband has been asking if he could buy these for at least a year. I kept telling him to wait because I knew I was going to be unemployed, then I was unemployed, and now that I have a job, we've been trying to catch up on everything we had to put on hold while I looked for work. Things like fixing up the house and buying Bronx a new crate.

50 bucks? Really? You look like an idiot.
But apparently, he couldn't wait any longer and went ahead and bought them anyways. We're only talking about $50 here, but I asked him to wait and he didn't. He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now.

Anyone remember Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka? Or is my family the only weird one that quotes, "I want it now, Daddy! I want it now!" in a British accent all the time? (I told you we were weird!)

Wtf is a bean feast? And who really wants one? Trust me, girl, you don't want the aftermath of that.

I feel like we are a generation of Veruca Salts and we are going to end up going down the "bad egg" chute to the incinerator. 

So do I think LoLo purposely set out to make me upset? No. But do I think that maybe he was just being a little selfish and not thinking about what his financial planner wife might think? Absolutely. 

Watch out LoLo. I might go all Veruca Salt on you. I might want a bean feast. (Ok let's be honest, that would never happen.) And then you would end up following me down the "bad egg" chute. You don't want that right? That's what I thought.

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