Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did you miss me??

I'm back! (Did you notice I was gone? You can be honest...)

I spent the last week in Houston, TX at a conference on international education. I will spare you the boring details, but let me just say I had a really good time and it was a great way to get to know my new co-workers. That tends to happen when you spend between the hours of 9am and 11pm (sometimes later) together for 5 days straight.

So here's a quick recap of what happened over the week.

First of all, I was upgraded to an amazing hotel. I got a penthouse suite that included a living room, a bedroom, a huge bathroom with a shower about as big as my bathroom here at home, all with at least 20 foot ceilings.

Yes that is a bathtub in the living room. For all those times you need a bath while watching tv.
1. Ceiling of my bedroom 2. Door knocker 3. Inside the Elevator 4. Texas Towel Hooks

Throughout the week, I ran around downtown Houston taking pictures of the area so I could show you all (and LoLo) what it was like.

This was at 7 pm. 

Guess they need a new Jefe...
My final adventure in Houston was getting to the airport security line and realizing I was standing behind the entire Valencia soccer team from the professional league in Spain. That was exciting, but what was even more exciting was that when I got to my gate, I realized they were all on my flight too. I sat down and next to me was an older man who seemed like one of the coaches doing a crossword puzzle with this cute player. Once they figured out I understood Spanish, they were smiling and talking to me. Turns out, the cute player is the team's goalie, Vicente Guaita Panadero, and is actually pretty good.

He looked better in person...via
And even though the scenery on the flight was excellent, I couldn't stop thinking about getting home to my two favorite boys: Bronx and LoLo.

I love this face!!

Lazy little man on a rainy day

Ready for the rain!

So I thank you, Houston, for a wonderful week full of laughs and yummy food, drinks, and soccer players. You were a fun escape from rainy Maine (seriously, Maine, get your act together).


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

penthouse? I stopped reading there. too jealous to continue.
I'm kidding, of course I made it down to see little man ready for the rain. too stinking cute!

Oh hello, Love said...

That little bronx face is so cute!! I can't wait to see that little old man puppy smile.

Oh hello, Love said...

Oh yeah and cute instagram collage!

Lacey in the City said...

I love a bathtub in the living room!! Why not!

What hotel did you stay at? I really like Houston...I'm heading back there in a few weeks myself.

And ay carrumba I do love some soccer players :)

Katie Price said...

Technically, I'm an international educator.. how do I get in on one of these conferences?! Looks like you were treated to an awesome week!

Sandra said...

Helloooo Soccer Players!
I'm not the biggest fan of flying. I don't get freaked out, I just don't like it. The last time I flew the UT Golf team was on my same flight. I managed to convince myself that the plane was gonna crash b/c there's sometimes a team on the plane when that happens. (Ridiculous thought I know) So the whole flight I'm saying prayers in my head lol.