Friday, June 15, 2012

Warning: Another Controversial Post...Immigration

Today, you may have heard that the Department of Homeland Security unveiled a plan to issue work permits to young people who are here in the US without documentation who meet certain criteria. If you haven't heard about this announcement, please learn more. Like I've told you before, I know it's not proper to talk about politics at a party, but since it's my party, I make the rules.

Those of you who read my sister's blog probably read a post a couple weeks ago where she outted me politically to the blog world (and consequently called to apologize for not letting me come out in my own time, in my own way). If you didn't read that post, it's right here. So if you're still with me, now that you know a little about my politics, you might be surprised to learn that I completely support President Obama's decision to put this program in place.

I know, I know, Republicans never like immigrants! (Please please please pick up on my sarcasm there, even though some of you think that statement is correct...) And maybe I'm the first one that you know who does. But please, stop and think about this for a minute. I am socially quite liberal, but economically I'm conservative. As a fiscal conservative, I'm all for adding productive, motivated, educated workers to our workforce. It creates competition and you know Republicans love competition!

I also believe that people should never be punished for decisions that were made for them. Again, think about this. The people who are eligible for this program came to the US when they were children under the age of 16. Someone else made a decision for them that could potentially affect the rest of their lives. And let's say they made the decision themselves when they were under 16. Would you want to be punished for the rest of your life for a decision you made when you were younger than 16? (I'm talking to you, former shoplifters, trespassers, and underage drinkers!)

Apparently, my sister and I had the same blog idea today which doesn't surprise me. We both have students (hers are past and present, mine are from my days as a college counselor in NYC) that we care about very much who will be positively affected by this policy. We also have others who we care about for whom this policy does not affect directly, but are able to feel just a little more hope for their future in the United States.

If you made it this far in a post full of words and without pretty pictures, I appreciate it. I know that heavy topics like this are sometimes just easier to brush under the rug and forget that they exist. But imagine if you were one of my students and your life just changed forever today. I hope you just got goosebumps like I just did. 

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope you enjoy it and take a second to think about the things you are grateful for. Today, I'm grateful for the ability to be unafraid.

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Katie Price said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this Erin. It's been too much of an effort for me to keep up with US news while I've been abroad. (i know, i know) But this seems like a really positive decision that will affect a lot of kids in a good way. Really, thanks for sharing!

And I went & checked out your sisters blog too. She is just as well-written as you are! You guys make a great team, so glad I met you!