Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life as a Bachelorette

Don't worry, don't worry, LoLo and I haven't gotten a divorce. LoLo just went to visit his mother and his siblings in New York for part of this week so I'm living it up as a bachelorette while he's gone (I have an attack dog and people in my neighborhood watching my house so don't try any of that funny stuff).

I'm taking it back to the days of single Erin...minus the gentlemen callers. Let's be honest, there never really were gentlemen callers. Or any callers. Ok let's try this again.

Bronx and I are living the single life these next few days! We are LoLo-less and living it up! And by living it up I mean...

Laying down on his favorite spot on the floor...

Laying down on his bed...

Playing with his favorite sock.... While I did equally cool things.

Like eating amazing birthday cake flavored ice cream, complete with frosting.

And watching a webinar with one of my nerd "celebrity" crushes, Ramit Sethi... all while writing this blog.

Mr. LoLo knew it was going to be a wild time here while he was gone. This weekend when we went grocery shopping, he saw me pick up a bag of spinach and said "Wait! Is there going to be a party at the house while I'm gone???"

Yes, he thought the only way I'd buy a bag of spinach would be if I were feeding other people. Says a lot about how wild the parties here are, right?

But you probably got that from the pictures of Bronx and my night tonight.



Out of control.

Cuz that's just how we do.


Cassandra said...

I think you need to calm down! Haha. I'd come to that party! Birthday cake ice cream is delicious.


Sandra said...

lol! If there's ice cream, it's a party!

Karla said...

haha sounds allot like my "party nights" reality tv, a good book.. oh and lets not forget a nice glass of wine :P

vickichristine said...

ice cream, videos and lounging around. sounds like my dream. :)

Katie Price said...

Birthday Party ice-cream?? Sounds delicious! What else will they come up with!