Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer in Maine

Summer in Maine is like nothing else. In a place where the temperature is so cold for so much of the year, it's easy to appreciate the warm weather, sun, and long days of summer. This weekend, I had the chance to do several quintessential summer in Maine activities.

Saturday morning I had to work. My company had brought a group of study abroad advisors to Portland for most of the week and Saturday morning, we took them on a lobster boat to catch a few lobsters! As the boat was pulling away from the dock, I took this picture of Portland.

As we started to head back to the dock after about an hour, we passed the island where LoLo and I spent a little time after our wedding (almost 3 years ago!!) so I sent this next picture to him.

Once we made it off the boat, the advisors had the chance to eat the lobsters they caught!

Sunday, I went to the Sea Dogs' baseball game with my mom. It was such a nice day to watch a game and they actually played really well! The only problem was the guy with the big head sitting down in the front row...

Oh and see the Dominican guy sitting right behind Slugger the Sea Dog? He's a pitcher for the Sea Dogs and a prospect for the Red Sox. My mom saw him check me out and kept trying to get me to go talk to him. Apparently she forgot that I already had a Dominican at home. My mom is crazy about baseball... so crazy that she is trying to marry me off again.

After the game, my dad cooked up some steamed clams and lobsters for dinner.
LoLo ate THREE of these!!

The perfect way to end the perfect Maine summer weekend.


Sandra said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I think I could eat three of those too!! lol

vickichristine said...

lobsterrrrrr. mmmmm. oh maine, i love you.

Amanda said...

Summer time in Maine is kind of the best thing ever! I love getting to go up there to visit my fiance's family every other year during the summer months. Great pictures by the way!

Cassandra said...

I LIVE IN MAINE! I just love Portland and the whole state looks so beautiful in the summer. Even though I've grown up here I have never been to a Sea Dogs game and I've only eaten Lobster twice. Jeeze I need to get on this Mainer stuff!

Lacey in the City said...

Yum! To a hot baseball pitcher AND to those lobsters!!