Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Fashion Award

Yesterday at work, my co-worker told me, "I saw you walking into work today and I decided, you get the fashion award for today...and actually, you pretty much get it every day." Then she put a set of plastic mardi gras beads that she had on her desk over my head. That officially made my day!

Here's a picture of what I was wearing:

Shirt: gap outlet, Pants: marshalls, Shoes: Target
The shirt is sheer with a blue and black pattern, but of course you can't see that in this picture.

I take pride in trying to look nice, no matter what my size. As I've talked about before, I've pretty much always struggled with my weight. I try really hard though to put an effort into what I wear and convey the message that I am confident. Because honestly, I know that beauty comes in all sizes.

Do I sometimes often wish I were skinnier? Yes, yes I do. But do I think it's important to work with what I've got while I figure out how to make that happen? Absolutely.

I've seen what it looks like when a woman gives up on herself. I've seen the baggy clothes, the elastic waistbands, the major fashion faux-pas. And sometimes I see myself heading down that path. On days when I just feel like nothing looks right, sometimes I wish I could just wear a tent to cover it all up. But I also know that every time I wear something that I feel really good in, my attitude is different. My confidence shines through. I smile more (I know you find that hard to believe, Em).

Sometimes, it's nice to get a little reminder that people notice the effort I'm putting in to looking good. And today's fashion award did just that.


Natalie Monsivais said...

You look great my cousin!! I love your confidence and wish I had more of that.. It's true women regardless of size or age always find something negative about themselves. You don't really hear of men having this issue.. Or do they just secretly keep it to themselves?! Maybe another blog topic?;) lol.. I love and miss you!!!

Katie Price said...

Such an honest post! This is why I love your blog Erin. I definitely feel that way sometimes.. that I just want to put on a big hoodie sweatshirt & disappear. Sadly.. that is Not an option here in Dominica!

Lacey in the City said...

Isn't it so nice to receive random compliments? I love that your friend voiced the nice things that had gone through her mind about you. Cheers to you, and to feeling beautiful :)