Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Week in New York

When LoLo and I go to New York to visit our family, we seem to slip into a little bubble. A bubble that we barely come out of. I actually kind of like love the bubble.

Our bubble is LoLo's family's apartment in Queens. When we go to visit, we barely leave the neighborhood. This visit was no different.

When we arrived Tuesday afternoon, Danny's brothers and sister had decorated the apartment for my birthday.

 Later that night, we ate an amazing dinner that LoLo's brother Sito made. Milanesa (fried steak), rice, beans, and salad. Then they brought a cake for me. Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake from one of our favorite places, Omonia Cafe in Astoria. (Check out their website it's pretty snazzy!! yes I just said snazzy.)

Sito, Me, LoLo, Matthew, Yuyin, and the babies (I swear I wasn't torturing her!!)
On Wednesday, we visited the Socrates Sculpture Park, the scene of one of me and LoLo's first dates. LoLo was hoping to get some inspiration for his art (he draws, makes sculptures, etc.) but of course, we decided to visit the day it was 109 degrees outside. It was a little too hot for babies, puppies, and well, for us too, so we went home after about 30 minutes. 

And our winner for bad idea of the week was ordering Chinese food after almost suffering heat stroke that day. Note to self: Don't eat greasy, salty Chinese food on the hottest day of the year.

Most of the week was spent hugging and squeezing and loving on Margaret and Eleanor. They are 6 months old now and are smiling and laughing and are just so cute! As my mom said, they are totally mini-Santanas. As you can probably tell by now, there's no mistaking who LoLo's brothers and sisters are.

Little Margaret

And even though I've told you all a bunch of times I'm not ready for children, seeing LoLo with the girls is so precious. He's so good with them and so sweet to them. It's so cute!

Tune back in tomorrow for the rest of birthday week! But in the meantime, my little peanut, Mister Bronx has gotten his second infection in a month. He now has a little rash down near his private parts. And you know what that means!

Back to the vet and back in the cone!

"Really Mom???"
FSN (Funny Side Note): The Vet Tech today is a woman who actually works at Bronx's doggy daycare and she told me that Brutus really misses Bronx. Well, Brutus, Bronx really misses you!

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