Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My family is strange

My family is strange. I love them dearly, but they are strange. I will now proceed to explain why they are so strange.

#1 reason my family is strange: Nicknames.
             Everyone in my family has a nickname. I'm not kidding. I'm Goya (my brother named me that when we adopted him from Colombia) and even that nickname has a nickname: Goo. My sister is Piggy (sorry, Em) because when she was a baby she used to snort like a little piggy. My mother is Lydiebell (her uncle in Mexico gave her that nickname when she was little) or the Squid (since it rhymes with Lyd). My dad is P. Diddy because his name is Paul so that's where the P came from and it was just natural to add Diddy. My brother is Bink (this nickname evolved from Bingy since he thought that was his last name when he was little and my cousin thought he was saying Binky).

#2 reason my family is strange: Quotes
            My family quotes movies, commercials, tv shows, and random people all the time. You might be thinking, "That's not that weird, my family quotes movies too..." But let me give you a few examples so you can understand how strange we really are.

Example #1: The answering machine. My dad's side of the family rents a lake house in Vermont every summer so we can have a family reunion. One year about, I don't know, 15-20 years ago (I feel so old right now), the house had one of those old answering machines with the tapes in it. One of us kids pushed play and this guy who sounded stoned out of his mind said "Hey guys, it's uh, uh, uh, 11:30 or something..." So now, anytime anyone asks what time it is, it's always "11:30 or something".

Example #2: Probably around the same time as the answering machine, my siblings and I used to like watching the cartoon "Life with Louie" with Louie Anderson (remember, the large man with the realllllly nasal voice??). One of the episodes was about Louie having a goldfish and his little friend said, "Hey, Louie, what do you feed your fish?" and he said, "Pizzaaaaa, Donuts, Cheeeeeesecake." Now anytime anyone asks what's for dinner or what people want for dinner or mentions any one of those three foods, someone in our family says, "Pizzaaaaaa, Donuts, Cheeeeeeeesecake."

FSN (funny sidenote for those who don't remember my acronym): In the first few months that I met LoLo, he asked me what I wanted for dinner and of course, I said, "Pizzaaaaaa, Donuts, Cheeeeeesecake." As soon as I said that, he said (totally nonchalantly I might add), "Oh, Life with Louie. I loved that show." That day, I knew LoLo was the one for me.

I could probably write a whole blog (not just one post, I mean a whole blog) listing the reasons my family is strange. But I could probably also write another one about why I love them so much. We might be strange, we might remember something someone said 20 years ago, but I wouldn't change my weird family for anything.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I love family. And I want to hang out with yours. The answering machine ... sooo funny. Ok, everything- so funny. So when can I hang out with them?

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Sounds like a hilarious family :) Thanks for sharing! We have some funny nicknames in our fam too...but I think yours takes the cake.

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

the strange ones are the best ones! :)

Anonymous said...

I also remember calling Paul "Pauly ester" hahaha