Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paul aka P. Diddy

Everyone who knows me knows I've always been a daddy's girl. Not in the spoiled princess way (don't worry, my sister has that role locked up), but more in the way that we just get each other. Since the day I was born, people have commented on how much like my father I am. When I was born, I looked just like him. As I got older, everyone realized how alike our personalities were.
Late 1950's Paul (thanks for the pic, Uncle Brian!)

Circa 1982

Some may say we are homebodies, some may say we are anti-social. I wouldn't say we are anti-social people. More like we are selectively social. We like to have a small group of friends with whom we hang out often in places where we are comfortable. We are very particular about how we like things. We'd rather go to the same restaurant 1000 times than try a new restaurant every night. We like to know what to expect. We would rather not be in a crowd of people.

I'd rather not.

Our biggest nightmares are having to go to a fair or standing in Times Square waiting for the ball to drop. For my dad, one of his biggest nightmares is even just stepping foot in New York City. When I first moved there, my dad drove all the way from Maine (about 5 hours, 6 if he's driving), dropped my stuff off at my apartment, ate at a restaurant a block from my house, and drove the 6 hours home. He spent a total of approximately 2 hours in the city. However, I feel that if he gave NYC a chance, he may actually like it. Besides the delicious pizza and cannoli, NYC expects you to live life with an attitude/short temper. My dad and I do that in Maine, a place where you're not really supposed to.

If my father had a motto, it would be the same one my grandfather always had. "Do the right thing." In my life, whenever I am stuck in a tough position, I think about what my father would do. And sometimes I call him just to make sure I'm right.

Wasn't he cute? (Thanks for this pic too, Uncle Brian)
Growing up, I always thought my dad was a giant. He's about 6'0 tall (maybe a little taller) and before he was diagnosed with diabetes, he was a little rounder too. Now that I'm a little bit older, I realize that he really is a giant. He's someone I will always look up to. He has the most integrity of anyone I know. He will do anything for his family and especially for my mom. And even though we all tease him that he never works (he owns his own company and technically is the only employee, even though most of our family has "worked" for him at some point), he works really hard. He doesn't have days off. But most of all, he found what he is passionate about and that's what he's doing.

My dad went to the University of Vermont (as did my mother and I and 9 other members of our family) and graduated with a degree in Psychology. While he was in college, he worked for a local tv station, often spending 3 or 4 nights in a little shack on top of a mountain just in case he needed to fix the equipment. My dad taught himself how to be an engineer. Who does that??

My dad and I on my wedding day

I love having a special bond with my dad. I have many memories of times I spent with my dad when I was younger. I remember once going to a festival with my dad when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. I got cold (shocker!) so my dad bought me a thick chamois shirt to keep me warm. I still have that shirt. In fact, I brought it to college with me. I'm lucky to have someone who gets me like he does. I'm lucky to have an example to follow of how to live with integrity.

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