Sunday, April 8, 2012

According to LoLo...Gamers.

As I've been reading lots of new blogs, I've been noticing that so many of the women who write have these seemingly perfect, well put together, hipster-type husbands. Now I'm not saying my husband isn't perfect or well put together. He's just perfect in a different way. He's perfect for me. He's a thinker, he loves to laugh, he's creative, he's an artist, he's a nerd (but the cool type), he loves his fashion (his fashion is a mix of NYC urban, skater, and preppy), he's a handy man, he's a plumber, he's a mason (he used to build beautiful fireplaces in NYC), he's an amazing cook, he's a thorough cleaner, he's a family man, and his favorite characteristic: he's a gamer.

LoLo is particularly proud of his video game skills (how non-hipster of him) and gave me a little lesson yesterday on the benefits of being a gamer. Let me give you some background on how this all came up. Yesterday, LoLo and I had some little errands to run and also wanted to go to lunch with my dad. (My dad is a diabetic and is on a very set eating schedule so we always know just when to call him and "see what's going on" wink, wink) Just like my grandparents, I'm the driver. So after making a couple of stops on our to do list, it was time for lunch. I start driving one way and realize I'm headed to the wrong highway. After a short freak-out session from me (who me? never!), LoLo calmly says, "Erin, you're fine, just turn right up here and you'll go to the right highway." So I calm down. Until I realize I'm in the wrong lane. Twice. So eventually we end up in the right lane going to the right highway and make it to lunch just in time. As we're driving though, LoLo imparted some very important knowledge about the skills that gaming gives a person that help them in real life. 

This week's according to LoLo comes in the form of a video clip. Because me telling you the facts about gamers in writing just isn't enough. You must hear the words from the man himself. And because after I couldn't upload the audio file of him briefly explaining all of this, I begged him to do a video. And he refused. But then being the amazing husband he is, he did it anyways.

Without further ado, straight from the Cave Man (LoLo's den downstairs which has been renamed HQ or Headquarters), According to LoLo....gamer style.

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