Thursday, April 25, 2013

Critical Listening

So today, I have a bunch of random stuff for you. This past week has been pretty crazy at work, so I've been pretty quiet around here, but there have definitely been some funny moments that I want to share.

First off, we have a hilarious moment from when I was visiting a college north of here. I was making a presentation to a group of faculty at the college and we were in a classroom on campus. After my presentation was done, there were a bunch of guys hanging out in the hallway waiting to come into the classroom. They started to make their way into the classroom and find their seats as I packed up my stuff. When I looked up, I realized the whole class was men. As I walked out, I asked one of them, "What class is this??" His answer was priceless. With a completely straight face he said...

"Critical Listening"

To which I said, "I'm sorry, what?? A classroom full of men in a 'critical listening' class?" And I laughed.

He clearly didn't see the same humor in it that I did, but one of his friends did. That guy said to me, "Oh yeah, it's not what it seems. We're all audio engineering majors."

I still couldn't get over the fact that there were 20 men in a class called "Critical Listening". I can think of a few other men who might need to take that class. Well, and a few women too.

Second off, we have some interesting behavior from Bronx. This week, he has been acting a little funny. Monday night, LoLo and I were sitting on the couch watching tv together when Bronx walked up to us and proceeded to sit in front of us and stare. And I don't mean an innocent was more of a glare. Some of you may have seen the picture I put on instagram.

Very angry puppy...but still cute
I gave him his toys to play with, I gave him a treat, I put him on my lap and he jumped down. I couldn't figure out what could be wrong with him. Some people speculated that he maybe just figured out that I'm pregnant and he's expressing his anger. First child disappointment is a real thing. Just ask me.

So finally, LoLo grabbed Bronx's bed and brought it in. Bronx immediately went under his blanket and hid from us.

Drama queen under the covers
Either Bronx has a case of the Terrible Two's (he'll be 2 in July) or he's truly growing into his teenage years... Because each year for a dog is like 7 people years right? If so, he's almost 14. Sounds about right.

Maybe he needs to take a Critical Listening course. I know just where he can find one!


TheTinyHeart said...

Haha! That is definitely funny about the men taking a Critical Listening class! Usually when Oliver or Jinx stares at me, it's their signal that they have to go out. But I have no idea what Bronx wanted!

The Tiny Heart
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Katie said...

Critical Listening...hilarious!


Nikkiana said...

Yeah... When it comes to audio engineering, turns out men are really good critical listening. Who knew?

undomestic mama said...

This is hilarious! I would have thought the same thing about that class. As for Bronx, Teddy used to do that occasionally and I never did figure out what he wanted.

Char said...

Too funny! Just found your blog, LOVE IT! -Char