Monday, April 29, 2013

22 weeks

On Tuesday, I will be 23 weeks, but this past week while I was 22 weeks, I decided to take a picture of myself to send to my mother in law. She has been in the Dominican Republic for a while and just got back to New York so we haven't seen her for a few months. She always checks in with me to see how I'm feeling and how my belly is doing. (She always says, "Como esta la barriga?")

This week, not a whole lot has changed. I'm still feeling good. I would definitely say I've been more hungry lately (the baby is officially over 1 pound!) and I've got a little bit of pain in my back, but otherwise I'm doing well. Next week, I'll go to the doctor again for a check up and I'm sure I will have gained some weight this time. We'll see!!

22 weeks, 5 days
One thing I have noticed though, is that if it is possible (and my family may not think this is possible), but I've definitely gotten more irritable. There have been times when the tiniest thing annoys me so much. I'm especially sensitive to noises and smells.

The other day, LoLo and I were in the car and had gotten bagels at Dunkin Donuts. When he was taking the bagels out of the bag, I got upset because the noise was too loud. LoLo just looked at me like "Woman, you've lost your mind."

We also figured out a possible reason why Bronxy was angry last week. We think he's getting pretty protective and also that he's really starting to know something is up. LoLo was sitting right next to me (he usually sits on the other couch) when Bronx stared at us and I don't think he liked that. But also, in my weekly emails I get from various pregnancy sites, they said that this week would be the week we could hear the baby's heartbeat with just a stethoscope. We're wondering if maybe Bronx can hear the heartbeat in there. It seems like such a weird thing to think about!

Things are starting to get more real, but I'm definitely still not ready to make a registry or think about paint colors for a nursery... hopefully I'll feel like it soon!


TheTinyHeart said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling good! That is so interesting that maybe Bronx hears the heartbeat. Dogs definitely know when something is going on so even if he can't hear it, he probably knows!

The Tiny Heart
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Oh hello, Love said...

Baby! Baby!

1) I cannot imagine you being more irritable. Unbearable.
2) I can't believe you still have that pillow. Time to move on.
3) Baby! Baby!

Can't wait to come visit!!

Being Reese 2 said...

Congrats on the little one! Do you guys know whether or not it's a boy or girl, or are y'all going to wait?

Unknown said...

Don't stress about the nursery. There's plenty of time for you guys to start the nursery. Do you guys plan to keep the newborn in the room with you? You can just keep him/her in a bassinet right next to you. So, focus on that and getting the basics ready. Congrats on the baby bump! I was in love with my baby bump until I started to see things moving there...have you seen that? I was like 20 wks when I started to see the kicks and stuff. It was creepy as hell!

k8te said...

hahaha! the bagel bag noise is too funny, bc i do stuff like that ALL the time. i can only imagine how irritable i will be when we have kids.

you look great! :)

Meegs said...

Ms. Erina,
I am pleased to let you know that you and I own the exact same slippers!!! I bet you won't be sticking your nose in those any time soon!!
xoxo ~Meegie