Tuesday, April 16, 2013

21 week update (with pics!)

The other night, my sister and I were talking on the phone and she said "Erin, you said that your blog wasn't going to turn into a pregnancy blog, but... it's kind of turning into that." So of course I reminded her about my puppy sleepover post, but still, she was kind of right.

I guess I didn't know that this whole pregnancy thing was going to take over my life the way it has. I mean, obviously I knew my life was going to change, but I thought I'd still have lots of things to talk about other than the little stowaway holding me hostage.

But honestly, it's hard to think of anything else lately. My body is not mine anymore, my stomach continues to grow, and I'm not in control of very much. I finally decided to take a picture this weekend after a stranger asked when I was due. I figured I must look pregnant enough that I don't just look fat anymore. I sent my sister the picture first and she said that I definitely look pregnant.

So far, I've only gained 1 pound. I had gained 3, but then I lost 2 so I'm back to 1. Some people have asked whether that's ok considering I'm already halfway through the pregnancy. My doctor has said that it's fine that I haven't gained weight because I started with too much weight as it was. My body is well equipped to handle the baby and the baby is growing right on schedule. Last week at our 20 week scan, the baby was 12 ounces which was right where it should be.

And let me tell you, that baby was cute. If you saw my instagram, you saw that I thought maybe the baby was starting to get nervous about his/her parents. I mean, it can hear our voices now... and it probably thinks we're prettty crazy.

Doesn't it look like the baby is saying "OH NO... What have I gotten myself into?!"
Being more than halfway through the pregnancy seems crazy to me, but at the same time, it feels like I have a long way to go. However, I received some great news...

I CAN GO TO PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh hello, Love said...

First of all: TAKE ME! TAKE ME! I'll help take care of you in Paris, I promise!! And drink all the coffee and eat all the macarons you shouldn't be drinking and eating because of the baby. That's how much I care about you.

Second: Your sister only said that because your sister knew you said that. Your sister doesn't mind if it becomes a mommy blog. Your sister enjoys mommy blogs from time to time. Stop making your sister out to be an insensitive monster.

And lastly, your sister is awesome. And I hope the baby takes after her.

Oh hello, Love said...

I almost forgot! Come visit so we can take maternity pictures in my gangway??? And by gangway, I do mean gang-way. Literally. Hah.

Katie in Colors said...

I am overweight, 19 weeks and haven't gained any weight yet. I did lose 5-6 lbs from being sick at first, but the doctors don't seem concerned that I haven't gained much. As long as baby is happy, I'm not gonna complain ;)

Your belly is cute! I'm still looking fat...to myself, at least. It doesn't resemble a "baby bump" much. Just looks like I ate too many taco bell burritos, which is probably true ;)



Sarah said...

You look great! At 17 weeks, I haven't gained any weight yet, either. Don't listen to what other people think is ok, especially when that baby is looking so good! :)

Unknown said...

You look beautiful Erin! Pregnancy makes you radiant :)

Um and how exciting about Paris!!! You are so lucky girl!!

Adria S. Belin said...

Oh you and the baby are looking cute. You DEFINITELY look pregnant, and were never looking fat. Please stop with that. But I think I should go to Paris for you. LOL!


Lexi said...

You look adorable ... and pregnant, of course.
And Paris? Amazing!
xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

undomestic mama said...

You're so adorable. I told myself that I wouldn't turn into a mommy blogger and it totally happened. Wait until the baby is actually born....it's inevitable. You'll want to scream from the rooftops anything and everything about your baby.

Unknown said...

Well, your blog is about your experiences and being pregnant is a huge experience and wait until the baby is born...if you write about your job, Lolo, and Bronx...the three of them put together won't surpass when you start experiencing motherhood. When you get to take your baby home and you realize that this new person has a clean slate and it's up to you and Danny to pour that foundation...that's when experience really kicks in and you'll be learning new things about everything every day because then you will realize that you are capable of doing everything and anything just to protect this baby. You wont be irritable anymore, you will be exhausted, but it's the purest form of love.

Unknown said...

Anyway, so don't shy away from writing your experiences. When I was pregnant, Mommy blogs got me through the pregnancy when I was throwing up 6 times a day every day and when I wasn't throwing up I had heartburn...when I didn't have heartburn I was nauseous. I knew that it was a high risk pregnancy from the beginning and the chances of the girls surviving were 50% and that 50% would decrease after 24 wks. So, I didn't know if it was gonna happen (that's why I didn't really want to buy anything for a nursery)but reading Mommy blogs and watching YouTube videos got me through those times when I was uncertain. So, keep writing about your pregnancy because you don't know who you are/will motivating. In the beginning of my pregnancy I stumbled upon a blogger who had been pregnant with mono-mono twins and then diagnosed with breast cancer. So, when I was diagnosed with cancer, it was nothing because I had already read about someone going through that. So KEEP WRITING!