Monday, November 26, 2012

I Love SH... part 1

Now that the craziness of jet lag and Thanksgiving are behind me, I can finally dedicate some time to this little blog. This week, I'll present a little overview of my trip and show you lots of pictures of Shanghai.

For the first 3.5 days of my trip, I was a co-leader for a pre-conference site visit. My friend Rachel and I lead a group of study abroad advisors from colleges and universities across the US. We got to do lots of typical tourist activities, but also we got to help our Shanghai staff show off our study center there. I work with some amazing people who pour their hearts and souls into their work. Throughout the visit, I felt so happy and proud to work for my company.

For the first 4 nights of the trip, I stayed in this amazing hotel, the Moller Villa

My first day in Shanghai was a free day until dinner. I spent the day walking around the neighborhood and trying to orient myself. Of course, when I was feeling super overwhelmed, I found one familiar place.

The next day we spent touring the city, having a lecture with one of our professors in a traditional tea house, eating more food than I could have imagined, and ending the day with a boat ride along the river.

Market near the Tea House

Entrance to the Pearl Tower
View of the City from the Pearl Tower
View of Pudong from River Boat Ride... I <3 Shanghai.
Pearl Tower and on the right, the Shangri-La, my hotel
View of the Puxie side of the river
And one of the biggest surprises about being in China was seeing my last name all over the city. China was the last place I expected to see a Spanish last name! First, I saw it in the museum at the bottom of the Pearl Tower. Then, I saw it everywhere!

Most of the cabs in Shanghai are Volkswagen Santanas. 

And because you all know I love a good sign, here's the decal that was on the toilet in my hotel.

Now to me, this says don't weigh your luggage on your toilet. I mean, I know the technology in China is pretty advanced, but I didn't realize they had made a toilet that could weigh things... especially luggage. Apparently though in Chinese it says "Don't put heavy weight on the toilet seat cover" or something like that.

This is just the beginning of my million pictures from Shanghai! Tune in the rest of the week for more pictures of my exciting trip!


Unknown said...

cant wait for more!

TheTinyHeart said...

I've never been to China before but it looks like an amazing trip. That is so funny that the cars were called Santanas!

The Tiny Heart
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Sandra said...

Great pictures! It looks like you saw some incredible things. And what an awesome surprise to see your name everywhere!

Audrie Is... said...

I clicked on your page because I saw that cute little puppy of yours in your pic and then found many more great pics!! :) love seeing pics from overseas, especially places I will probably never visit. Glad you had safe travels...newest follower.

Check out my page if you get time, I may or may not have two of those cute little "puppies" :)

Lacey in the City said...

Shanghai looks amaaazing!!! I love the photos that you took. I realized when reading this post that I had no notion of what Shanghai would look like at all. It sounds great. AND I would've thought that the sign meant, don't put luggage on the toilet, also!