Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yard work

Like I said last night, LoLo and I had a busy little Saturday (yes, I did just quote Old School). Even though it was pretty chilly out, we decided it was time to attack the front lawn. I confess, we were those neighbors...the ones who don't tend to their front lawn or know how to take care of flowers. But we have excuses!

1.) I have lived most of my adult life either in a college dorm or in New York City. I'm sorry but there was no gardening going on in my Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights (but there was a stray rooster that lived in the empty lot behind my building....LoLo and I used to throw bags of burnt popcorn to him. You're welcome, PETA).

2.) LoLo grew up in the Dominican Republic and moved to Queens when he was a tween. And trust, he wasn't doing any gardening.

Too gangsta to garden

3.) We are relatively new homeowners! We had a few projects to take care of before we could get to the making sure LoLo's man cave (or as he calls it, the "cave man") was fully loaded with a huge screen tv, a drawing table, a computer den, his playstation, and a Hooters calendar he got when my dad took him there for his birthday (I'm fully aware that that's weird...).

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my brother-in-law, Luisito, for secretly planting flowers in our front yard. He came and stayed with us for about 3 weeks last month and before he left, he must have gone outside and planted some seeds that he and I bought during one of our trips to the Christmas Tree Shops. So sneaky...and I actually believed he just wanted to bring some seeds back to the concrete jungle (NYC) to plant some lovely flowers in flowerpots in his room. I told you I don't know a thing about gardening.

Thanks for the flowers, Luisito!!

To our neighbors, we greatly apologize for our slacking. But you must understand, there's a gardening/lawn care learning curve. We've cleaned up our act yard and we hope you like it.

Sidenote: LoLo just asked me if Vitamin D is from the sun. I said yes so he asked, "So how did they get it into my cornflakes? Did they let them lay in the sun before they were put in the box??"

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