Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York Recap

Last week, I went to New York for a verrrrrrrry quick trip for work. I flew out from Maine Tuesday night and was back in Maine by noon on Thursday. As quick as it was, I made sure to fit in many of my favorite New York things.

Like Sito's cooking! Here was my breakfast Wednesday morning: Mangu (mashed plantains), eggs with cheese, and coffee.

Time with my little twin nieces!

Incredible photo ops!

The Freedom Tower rising into the fog
Random sightings in semi-hidden parks in the middle of the city!

Reminiscing about all of the good times on the 1 train!

And one of my absolute favorite things about New York...

The Chinese food! No matter where you go, Chinese food is never as good as it is in New York. And make sure that the place you order from looks totally sketchy. If there's bulletproof glass, even better. The food will be better than any other place.

So thank you, New York, for the quick trip full of many of my favorite things. Can't wait to come back and spend a little more time catching up.

P.S. Happy 89th birthday to my grandfather! I love you, Papa!! Feliz Cumpleanos!!


Erica said...

Twin nieces = double the cuteness for sure! :)

And gosh, it's been awhile since I've seen an update on Freedom Tower. Good to see it going up and up and up...

TheTinyHeart said...

Your nieces are soo cute! I have to say Jersey has some pretty good Chinese food too!

The Tiny Heart
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Melissa Boo said...

TWO nieces = twice as cute.

I've been to NY once as a teen for a school trip. It was fun, but I don't think it was the best NY experience. I've really got to go back as an adult.

lil desiqua said...

Stopping by from Blogworking Wednesdays! Your nieces are adorable! I work so close to the city and take so many of these sights and eats for granted- it's so refreshing to see it from another perspective!

Al said...

Eeeeks! Twin cuteness! What a gorgeous pic :)

And truly, there is nothing better than a whirlwind trip to the city. I ADORE it there. I would go more often if it weren't for the dogs, but I can never get enough. So happy you had the chance to go!!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hey Erin! It looks like you are kidnapping those twins and they are desperately trying to escape your grasp. Just saying. Creepy Erin.