Thursday, February 28, 2013

The truth about the belly

Before I tell you the "truth", I want to make a little acknowledgement. I want to acknowledge that although my posts this week have been about my pregnancy, I don't want my blog to turn into a "mommy blog" and I really don't envision that happening. Of course I'll talk about the pregnancy and the baby, but just like everything else in my life, I want balance. I want to keep voicing my opinions on controversial topics, telling the crazy stories of my life with LoLo, and posting cute pictures of Bronx. Ok end of acknowledgement.

Obligatory cute Bronx picture to prove I haven't forgotten him
So the truth about the belly. Honestly, I feel like I'm in an awkward spot. I've struggled with my weight ever since I left high school and the three sports I played year-round. And now, I'm supposed to gain weight and it's "encouraged". It feels weird. And ironically, I've actually lost weight since learning I was pregnant.

But what really feels awkward to me is when people find out I'm pregnant but then can't figure out if I have a belly because I'm starting to show or because it was always there. I'm not one of those cute little petite women whose belly is so flat that you can tell right when she starts to show. It's something I feel a little bit sad about sometimes.

Although when I look at myself in the mirror, I see pretty much the same body, but I've noticed that things have started to shift. Namely my belly. Last week, I had to leave the button open on my jeans for the first time. I even wore my maternity jeans for the first time (ummm why aren't jeans made like that in real life?? oh yeah, they're called Pajama Jeans).

To be honest, I haven't taken any pictures of myself since I found out I was pregnant. I feel like there's no point yet. I feel like I look the same. I feel like I want to wait until it's obvious that I'm pregnant.

Am I stupid for thinking this way? Will I regret it?


Sarah said...

Ha! Pajama jeans. Those have to be the best invention ever. And yes, I know you don't FEEL different, but I'd still take some side bump shots. You'll never get the chance to go back and have them for your keepsakes! Remember, your children someday will want every.single.picture you've EVER taken!! Snap away momma!

Unknown said...

I was concerned about my weight more than the complicated pregnancy I was in. I think most women wont admit that we really get scared about gaining weight. BUT you should take as much pictures as you can, and keep them for yourself and Lolo. I felt body conscious too in the beginning, but after you are going into your first year of post pregnancy, you will miss those early days of pregnancy. When you are starting to show. So, I would encourage you take those pics and keep them to yourself they will be wonderful memories for you and your family. About tiny bumps and tiny women, perhaps you could start a new trend! celebrate your body NOW because it is doing a magnificent job in giving you and your baby life :)

Lacey in the City said...

I'm not pregnant, nor have I ever been, so maybe my advice is null and void, butttt I say take photos - for yourself. Just so that you don't look back and not have them if you ever want to show them to your little one. My mom was never good at taking enough photos - heck she doesn't remember even the more major details of her pregnancy with me, and I wish I knew more. I say take 'em.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Well I do love hearing about pregnancy, but I also love pictures of Bronx!! So I like that you mix it up a little. :) And, I think I will be the same way when I'm pregnant. I'm not sure I'll take many pictures until I can REALLY see some changes.

undomestic mama said...

I would take pictures anyway just because some day the baby will have fun looking at them and knowing s/he's in your tummy. Getting used to your pregnancy body is hard and so is getting used to your post-pregnancy body. I weigh the same now as I did when I found out I was pregnant but everything is shifted and looks different. My biggest regrets are not taking more pictures and not doing maternity photos.